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Honey Baked Feta

Some of the best barrel feta in the city is found just 3 blocks from my house, I make frequent stops there through the month, to assure I always have a fresh stock. Sure I could buy a larger batch to last a little longer but feta clean out of the brine is the way to do it. it taste better, smells better, and is still so moist.

Feta is great in salads, on pizza, melted into veggie dishes and can be stuffed into everything from peaches to peppers. But what about just eating it on its own, sure I’ll go to the fridge and nibble on the block but never do I sit down with a fork and knife and go at it. I have to admit its is a very overwhelming cheese, the salt alone would make me want to get up and walk away. But what goes better with salty than sweet, nothing… So here is how you can sit down with a block of feta eat it all and still want more for years to come. The first time I ever tried honey baked feta was in 2009, it is 2012 and Im still thinking about it. Now this can be eaten along side a meal or you can set it out as a toothpick appetizer for a dinner parties.