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LCG Equipment Sales ltd.

For over 15 years, LCG Equipment has been renting...
LCG Equipment Sales Ltd. Information
Date Joined 2018-06-02 19:49:21
Last Login : 2018-06-02 21:06:08
Born on: January, 1 ,1980 (38 Years old)
Country Canada
City La Salle, MB R0G 0A1 Canada
Gender Male
Bio For over 15 years, LCG Equipment has been renting and selling heavy construction equipment, parts, Aspen Low bed Trailers & Jeeps, portable office trailers, modular buildings, work camps, and recently portable storage containers. Now LCG is specializing in heavy haul and all your trucking needs. We specialize in providing our clients with a wide variety of products (job site trailers, heavy construction equipment, and parts) and services (Trailer customization, transportation, and onsite service) so they can keep their project running smoothly and on schedule. Visit us http://lcgequipment.com/
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